How to maintain your curtains regularly

Cleaning the curtains oftenly can add splendid and pleasant atmosphere to your home and office as well.

Once the cleaning is done you’ll realise the difference. Your entire spatial arrangement will start sparkling and scintillating.

But we understand that curtain cleaning is easy to forget and partly cumbersome and freakily tiring.

But it’s very important to keep your curtains clean since over time, they absorb all sorts of smells in your home, which can lead to foul odours and discoloration.

Cleaning Tips

Fortunately, cleaning your curtains doesn’t have to be a labour-intensive task. In fact, once you know how, we bet you’ll be shocked at how easy it is!

Washing Machine


Yes, now that’s quite a nimble act of cleaning your curtains. Most curtains can actually be washed in an ordinary laundry machine, the same way you clean your clothes.

This is especially true for heavier curtains. In order to keep color and patterns intact, be sure to use cold water and the delicate cycle.

Take immense care, if your curtains are made of delicate fabric. Avoid spinning. It can wreck your costliest curtain.

Whatever you do, don’t be tempted to toss your wet curtains into the dryer after they’re cleaned as this can permanently misshape and damage them. Your best bet is hanging them outside (away from the sun to prevent discoloration).

Hand Washing


If your curtains are 100% cotton or have details like fringes or intricate embroidery, then you need to stick with hand washing only to maintain the quality of the curtain.

Be sure to use a gentle laundry soap, or even better a detergent that’s specially designed for curtains.

It you finds any spots or tints, don’t panic. Just apply detergent to the place and leave it for an hour. Later wash and rinse that part and get your curtain just like never before.



Steam Clean

Steam cleaning is one of the ideal option if you’re working with a very heavy material, or simply don’t want to take down and put back up the curtains.

Just start from the top and work your way down, holding the curtains as straight as possible.

If you notice the fabric becoming damp, hold the steam cleaner a bit further back.

Maintaining your curtains regularly will make them much easier to clean when the time comes.

Rather than letting dust collect for months and months, add the curtains to your weekly vacuuming routine.

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