5 Places you’re forgetting to Clean

When you walk into a room, your eyes first fall for cleanliness. Your mood gets framed up on the basis of its sanitation and neatness.

If there’s a heap of dirty laundry just waiting to be done; or the kitchen sink is piled with dirty dishes, pots and pans, you’ll feel frantic and agitated.

But once the obvious things are cleaned away, do you forget about the rest of the room? Take a look at seven places you’re forgetting to clean.

Undersides of Furniture


You might be frequently cleaning your over-look furniture but haven’t you forget to keep it under equally?

When you look under a bed or sofa, clinging to bed frames, chair seats and table braces, you’ll find few dust bunnies rolling, portraying you’ve an uncleansed furniture.  

You can quickly captured it with a vacuum or dust mop. Dev Cleaners will provide you 1005 reliable cleaning service from above till under. We will look at the actual bottom of the furniture piece succinctly.  

Use your vacuum or a dusting wand to get rid of spider webs and eggs, dust and grime at least two times per year.

Walls and Baseboards


You will find dust, grime and tint at every silly corner of your place. Over the tube light, upper part of cupboard, window ceiling, rolling hanger of curtain. In fact you’ll be amazed at how furry your walls may be. If you happen to have textured wallpaper, even more dust is lurking. 

So start from the top of the wall and work down accordingly using a dry duster that traps particles. For better results, use a mop and collect all those dust bunnies in a bin.

Finish your wall cleaning by paying attention to baseboards. An amazing amount of dust can collect on those tiny ledges.

In rooms like kitchens and baths where there is more humidity, you’ll probably need to wipe the baseboards down with a damp cloth because the moisture has turned the dust into soil that clings to the surface.

Tops of Cabinets, Doors, and Picture Frames


We tend to ignore what’s beyond our plane of sight. Routinely cleaning of the top of door frames, kitchen and tall storage cabinets, picture frames and ceiling corners.

While you’re up there, check the light fixtures and ceiling fans. A disposable duster with an extendable handle is your best tool for capturing dust and spider webs.

If you don’t have one, use a clean microfiber cloth and secure it to a broom or mop handle with a rubber band.

Closet Floors 


The clothes are crammed together and the heap got so high that they fall when you open the door. This is the sign to clean your closet floors as quickly as possible.

What if the closet are carpeted? They are often seen gloomy, dirty and dusty. And this will breed ground for mold, mites and insects.

At least seasonally, pull everything out of closets and give the space a thorough cleaning. It’s also the perfect time to weed out and donate all those things you don’t really need and store the rest properly.

Indoor Plants


Whether your indoor plants are real or silk, they can collect colossal dust. If they are too large to move, use a microfiber cloth or disposable duster to wipe down each leaf.

Silk plants can also be “dusted” with a cloth or by taking them outside and using a hair dryer set on cool to blow off the dust.

To brighten individual stems of silk greenery or blossoms, place them in a paper bag with plenty of table salt or baking soda.

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