4 Cleaning tips for your apartment post-renovation


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Renovating your home is one the tiring project but its transforming result can be flabbergasting. And once the renovation is finished, there is cleaning that needs to be done.

Almost all home improvement projects produce dust particles that somehow sneak into every nook and cranny of the space, therefore you need to carefully renovate.

Don’t let layers of dust leave all your freshly renovated home looking old and dingy.


Some of the Post Renovation Apartment Cleaning Tips


To ensure that your post-renovation cleaning goes well, here are some tips that will help. You can start by first opening the windows and let the fresh air come in.


1. Bust the Dirt


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The first step is wipe off all those dry and visible. Use a dry cloth or duster to get rid of all dust and tints.

In case of upholstery and sofa set, it is advisable to use vacuum to suck out all the grim and tints.

Other cleaning projects are dusting all furniture, dusting and wiping shelves, removing cobwebs and fingerprints.

Try cleaning by wearing a mask, or else you may get infected as well. 




2. Mop It Up


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The next step after dusting is cleaning, washing and wiping out the windows and grills. 

Use any disinfected cloth and liquid soap to efface out all the dirt and spots from the furniture and faucets. 

Washing floors, washing doors, and door frames, and dusting and cleaning shelves are also the nitty gritty of post renovation services.

Take time and get all areas where dirt can hide- every nook and cranny of the space.





3. Check for Stains


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There are some of rigid and stiff stains that requires extra cleanings efforts to efface out.

Of course, if curtains or blinds were left before the transformation began, clean them off first with a sweeper attachment and then with a damp microfiber cloth.

If all this cleaning sounds too much, then think about hiring a cleaning company.

Cleaning companies have a staff that will come to your home and schedule a time that is convenient for you. 

They will clean all surfaces—floors, countertops, furniture and other items and leave your apartment shining, organized and ready for a new beginning.




“We believe in caring beyond Cleaning”


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